intrepidjam (intrepidjam) wrote,

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who came out to see Voltaire, Trashlight Vision and Miss Catwalk Tragedy 2005 and making the night such a success. The pictures are now up in the gallery at . We are waiting for other photographers to send us their work so we can post them.

Thank you to all of the photographers: Jason Messer, Jeff Cohn, Sandi Ramirez, Jerry Bennett, Nadia Lev, and Zaiquiri (who did I miss?).Congratulations to Stacia, Miss Catwalk Tragedy 2005, and to Adrianne and Lizzette!

A big thank you to the Grape Street, Voltaire, Trashlight Vision, DJ Robbie Tronco, DJ corrupted bios (projeckt 2501), DJ Mike Saga, and everyone in Miss Catwalk Tragedy 2005. Tiny did an amazing job as MC, and “the four fat guys and a rock star” were entertaining (or something) all on their own. Thank you, Acey, Jeff, Dink, and Richie for “working” as judges. Thank you to Cameron for the massage therapy, to Cynthia for the tarot card reading (even for my reading…), and to all of our vendors.

We would also like to thank all of our sponsors for making this night possible, especially Jeff Cohn of, Dink and Richie Riot of Clean Visions (and Trandoll – the best prop ever), Paul and Melody from REM art Studios, Alex, Mark and Venda from Invictus Films, Duncan from Pinpoint lighting, Eric from the Manayunk Diner and Cocktail Lounge, everyone at Passional for their continued support and amazing clothing, and the Erogenous Zone (the store on south street, people) for the prizes and support.

Thank you to Sean Jenx for a wonderful job with Vendors and artists. Thank you to IJAM’s DJs, Phranque and 23, for their help organizing, scheduling and promoting. Thank you to Gil for his radio plugs, and to Katie, Krysi, Megs, Dion, Scott, Tricia and the ENTIRE IntrepidJAM street team... And to our street team guru DJ Phranque: You saved us when we had to run to LA for Pollstar/CIC. THANK YOU.

We especially would like to thank each person who helped promote this night and get the word out. We spent many nights and early mornings passing out flyers, freezing, and jumping around. This event could not have happened with out you.

Thank you to EVERYONE who was a part of this event. You helped make it a success.

Our Warmest appreciation to each of you.

JoAnna and Erik

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